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Mediumship & Day of the Dead: A Deeper Connection with Loved Ones

Mediumship & Day of the Dead: A Deeper Connection with Loved Ones

Today is the Day of the Dead, a day when we honor our loved ones who have crossed over into the spirit world. It's a time to remember, reflect, and, in some cases, seek connection.

I wanted to take a moment to share something truly special. Over the years, my work as a medium has allowed me to help many people find answers, seek closure, and reconnect with their loved ones who have passed on. But what might surprise some is that this isn't limited to just humans – it extends to our animal companions as well.

In the realm of mediumship, we often think of conversations with loved ones who have crossed over. But the energy of the universe is vast and all-encompassing, and it doesn't discriminate. So, let me tell you about a few remarkable moments in my journey.

1. Unfinished Business with Our Furry Friends

Our pets are more than just animals we share our homes with; they're family. They understand us in a way no human can. And when they leave this world, it can leave a profound void. That's where my work comes in. I've had the privilege of connecting with beloved pets who have crossed over, reuniting their energy with their grieving owners.

Sometimes, these sessions are about delivering messages of love and comfort. Other times, they help answer questions that were left hanging. It's a powerful experience, and it reminds us that the bonds we share with our animal companions are eternal.

2. Closure for Human Loss

Of course, a significant part of my work remains connecting people with those they've lost. The closure and peace this can bring is immeasurable. Whether it's a message from a parent, sibling, or friend, these connections often provide comfort and guidance, helping individuals navigate their grief and find a sense of closure.

The beauty of mediumship is that it allows people to connect, even when they didn't have a chance to say goodbye. The healing power of these messages is profound and heartwarming.

3. Inner Peace and Transformation

Mediumship isn't just about delivering messages; it's about helping people heal, grow, and find peace within themselves. It's a journey, both for the medium and the person seeking connection. The energy shared in these moments is filled with love, guidance, and a deeper understanding of our existence.

So, why am I sharing this with you on the Day of the Dead? Because it's a testament to the remarkable power of the human spirit and the vast energy that surrounds us. These experiences reinforce my belief in the interconnectedness of all living beings and the endless potential for healing.

As we move through life, remember that there are energies all around us, waiting to offer love, guidance, and solace. If you're curious or seeking answers, don't hesitate to explore the possibilities. The wisdom and love of the universe are vast and endlessly available.

If you're intrigued by what you've read and would like to explore more or schedule a session, visit Lisa's Energy Healing to learn about my services and how they can bring insight and transformation to your life.

With much love and light,



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