Spiritual Life Coach Session

Sessions: 15 Minute Session
A spiritual life coach connects with you, your purpose on Earth, and your spiritual team that guides you during your time here. Spiritual life coaching is for those looking for a deeper connection with their purpose and time on Earth.

As you share your thoughts and concerns of life, Lisa receives information from your spiritual ream and higher self. Her intuition and spiritual gifts inform her on what messages must be relayed to you.

During the session, Lisa defines your present situation and identifies obstacles like limiting beliefs and harmful coping mechanisms. The information is coupled with guidance from your spiritual team regarding future opportunities that will lead to the best possible outcome for your life.
Lisa's coaching uses principles that reach the heart of the issues you may be experiencing. Everyone is different and deserves a coaching structure that meets you where you are. Some techniques that Lisa uses to create an effective coaching curriculum are:

*Guidance to develop your desired vision for your life.
*Coaching to set measurable and achievable goals.
*Sharing ways to promote self-awareness and understanding.
*Offering tools and support for stress management.
*Promoting physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness to create a balanced lifestyle.

Spiritual life coaching offers a better understanding of the universe and the energies that influence you. Lisa provides individuals with a safe, nonjudgmental space to be seen and heard while receiving direction, perspective, support, and unbiased feedback.
Sessions: 15 Minute Session

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