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Winter Solstice Pause: Reflect, Tune In, and Craft Joyful Moments

Winter Solstice Pause: Reflect, Tune In, and Craft Joyful Moments

Hey, as the Winter Solstice gets closer, I feel like I'm in this cool dance with thinking and reflecting. It's like this quiet moment before the Christmas craziness kicks in. This year has been a bit of an adventure for me – exploring new stuff, meeting different people, and doing my own thing.

With the Solstice coming up, it's like nature is saying, "Hey, slow down and think about what happened this year before we dive into the new one." The days are getting shorter, and it's like nature is giving us a nudge to pause and take a breather.

For me, the Winter Solstice isn't just about the days passing. It feels like a special time, marking the end of one chapter and getting ready for the next. It's like a quiet thank you to life for everything it threw my way.

In this quiet time, where every thought gets its space, I'm thinking about all the ups and downs of the year – the good laughs, the tough times, the victories, and the challenges. It's a chance to really listen to my own story and understand how everything fits together.

Before the chaos of the new year starts, the Winter Solstice is like unwrapping a gift. It gives me a moment to make sense of everything and step into the new year with a clear mind. It's like a gentle magic that sets the tone for the new year with fresh perspective and a peaceful feeling inside. Trust in your own journey, because in the quiet of the Winter Solstice, new possibilities are whispered into our hearts.

The Art of Reflection

As the world gets quieter around me, I can't help but dive into some deep thoughts about the year behind me. It's more than just recalling the highs and lows; it's like I'm painting a picture of the last 12 months, adding layers of insight and new perspectives.

This reflective ritual is a bit like an art project, you know? I take what I've learned from my spiritual moments and mix in a touch of common sense. Instead of just counting my wins, I make a point to recognize each one. Whether it's a chuckle over a wrong turn or a serious lesson from a loss, it all weaves into this growing tapestry of wisdom I'm crafting, one thread at a time.

I don't beat myself up about the mistakes; I sit back with my wine, have a little laugh, and learn from the lessons hidden in those moments. It's this mix of spirituality and real-world smarts that turns a regular look back into a masterpiece of self-awareness and celebration of the progress made on this journey.

Creating the Right Energy for Reflection

Alright, let's get real about this. Before I dig into the past year, I check in with the vibes around me. It's like asking, "Is the energy heavy or light?" and that sets the tone for what comes next.

When it comes to doing a reading, I've got my routine. I always do a specific 20-minute meditation to open my chakras. I learned my lesson once when a dog told me to "kiss my I ass" during a reading. I hadn't meditated before, and it was a clear message that I wasn't grounded or open. Some say you don't need all that, but for me, it's a must.

Now, if the energy feels heavy before a reading, I dance it out. I've got a playlist ready, and I groove to whatever energy comes through. It's my way of getting in sync.

Expos? Same deal. The night before, I dance and call in all the spirit guides, especially if I sense the energy is heavy for a class.

Connecting with higher angels and guides is key. Before expos, I do the meditation, and if time allows, I dance to amp up the energy. Doing both makes everything stronger and gets me in the right headspace. When I'm on the road for expos, it's meditation music in my ears.

Being in the right mindset is non-negotiable for me. Everyone on the other side needs to know I'm here, ready to shine my light and assist. It's not just about being present here; it's about being there on the other side. They're the ones doing the work; I'm just here to help.

Music, meditation, and getting in the groove—these are my essentials. They keep me clear-minded and ready to assist anyone who needs to connect.


Embracing Missteps

Let's dive into the bumps in the road. As the year wraps up, it's not about dwelling on missteps but giving them a nod in the spirit of reflection. Looking back, I've learned to be kind to myself when it comes to mistakes.

Sure, there were blunders, and I'll be the first to admit it. But here's the secret sauce—I can chuckle at them now. Instead of beating myself up, I've chosen to see them as opportunities for growth. Life's journey is full of twists and turns, and mistakes are like those unexpected detours that lead to the best adventures.

In this reflective period, it's all about self-recognition. I'm not just tallying up the wins; I'm giving a nod to the missteps that taught me something valuable. This moment isn't just a celebration of victories but a time to honor the lessons learned from the hiccups along the way.

Gratitude and Possibilities

So, as the world outside quiets down, I take a moment to express my gratitude for the myriad possibilities the year presented. The gentle glow of candlelight illuminates all that I've accomplished and learned throughout the year. I appreciate the victories, both big and small. Leveling up my business, taking unexpected trips that encouraged personal growth and reading those books on my list and taking the time to dive deep into new topics.

There were also possibilities that opened up - new relationships forged, new career opportunities that came my way unexpectedly. Looking back, it's clear how many open doors appeared that I wouldn't have noticed if I was focused purely on a rigid plan.

I'm grateful for the personal growth and wisdom gained even through challenges faced. Without the low points, we can't fully appreciate the highs. It's all part of the twisting journey.

My heart is open to the new opportunities the coming year will surely bring.
Preparing for the Holidays

The holiday season often comes with a checklist of obligatory tasks—buying gifts, sending cards, attending parties, decorating, cooking, and more. It's easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of busyness trying to check everything off. This year, consider taking a more mindful approach.

Rather than defaulting to the same holiday routine, thoughtfully curate a list of must-do activities that spark joy and align with who you are now. Ask yourself:

What traditions or tasks can I modify or skip entirely to reduce stress?
What new traditions or activities have I wanted to try but haven't made time for?
How can I incorporate more calm, joy, and meaning into the season?
Create your own holiday checklist based on what matters most to you. Swap stressful activities for more delightful ones. Give yourself permission to skip traditions that no longer fit. Try something you've always wanted to do like baking holiday treats, driving around to see neighborhood lights, watching classic movies, or volunteering.

The key is being intentional about how you spend your holiday time and energy. Curate traditions that feed your soul and support your growth and well-being. Let go of unnecessary stress and obligations. Use this season as an opportunity to indulge in joyful activities unique to you.

Curating Holiday Joy

The holidays often come with a checklist of obligatory traditions and tasks. However, this season, consider curating your own unique traditions that truly spark joy for your present self. Start by making a list of holiday must-dos. Look at each item critically - does it still bring you happiness and excitement? Or has it become more of an obligation that elicits stress?

Don't be afraid to flip the script on traditions or swap outdated tasks for something new. Give yourself full permission to skip any tradition that no longer fits who you are. The true spirit of the season lies in joy - so let joy be your guiding star.

Indulge your inner child and make a holiday bucket list filled with exciting new adventures. Have you always wanted to go caroling? Or ice skate under the stars? Try decorating the tree in a silly new theme. Blast favorite tunes and dance while baking cookies. Go all out decorating a gingerbread house village. Curate holiday magic that lights you up inside!

This year, customize your seasonal celebrations to match your present dreams and interests. By creating traditions that authentically spark joy and delight, you can fully embrace the spirit of the holidays.

Indulging Joy

This holiday season is the perfect time to finally indulge in something you've always wanted to do. Life can get busy and goals can get pushed aside, but the holidays are a great opportunity to make time for you.

Instead of getting caught up in obligations, give yourself permission to do that one special thing just for you. Is there a creative hobby you've been wanting to dive into like painting, pottery, or writing? Have you been dreaming of taking a solo trip somewhere new? How about finally reading that stack of books that's been gathering dust? Or learning a new skill like woodworking, knitting, or playing an instrument?

The possibilities are endless, so think about what truly lights you up inside. What experience have you been longing for? This is your chance to gift it to yourself. Spend an afternoon painting or visit that museum you've always wanted to explore. Book that vacation, snuggle up with a new book, or sign up for those classes.

Make the conscious choice to prioritize your joy. This year, give yourself the gift of new experiences and adventures to feed your soul. Discover hidden passions and parts of yourself as you check that wish off your bucket list. Allow yourself to indulge fully in the things that spark creativity, excitement and joy within you. The holidays are so much brighter when you take time for the activities that make your heart sing.

Embracing Holiday Joy

This holiday season, make joy your guiding star. Give yourself permission to fully indulge in delightful activities and traditions that spark happiness within you. Release any feelings of guilt or obligation that keep you tied to stale traditions or tasks that no longer bring you joy.

Instead, curate your holiday celebrations to match the person you are today. Let go of traditions that were meaningful once but now feel empty. Explore new interests and activities that align with your current self. Lean into traditions that feel regenerative, prioritizing time with loved ones who share your spirit.

Tune into your inner wisdom to discern what choices will nurture your spirit this season. Make a list of your ideal holiday activities - baking favorite cookies, decorating while listening to nostalgic music, watching a holiday movie classic. Give yourself the gift of time for these simple pleasures.

Savor the magical moments that arise when you follow your bliss. Notice how joy radiates to those around you when you are authentically engaged in activities that light you up. By making joy your compass, you allow inspiration and delight to infuse your entire holiday season. Release the have-tos and embrace the want-tos. Trust that when you choose joy, your holidays will be merry, bright, and filled with glad tidings.


The winter solstice marks a special time of year to pause and reflect. As the light begins to return, it's an opportunity to celebrate growth and look ahead with optimism. This annual ritual of introspection allows us to absorb the lessons and insights gained over the past year through practices like meditation, spirituality, and personal development work.

Rather than harshly criticizing mistakes, we can acknowledge them with gentleness and integrate the wisdom into our evolving story. Gratitude emerges when we appreciate the twists, turns, victories and mishaps that have shaped our journey.

The solstice invites us inward to prepare for joining the outward festivities of the season. As the holidays approach, consider curating your traditions and obligations to align with what truly sparks joy right now. Give yourself permission to try new "must-dos" while releasing any guilt over skipping outdated rituals.

This year, let joy be your north star. Indulge your deepest desires and enhance them through spiritual practices and rituals. The holidays are meant for embracing joy wholeheartedly. May the inward reflections of the solstice lead you into a season full of delight.

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