Animal Reiki

Session: 30 Minute Healing Session

Offer your animal companions a gift of love, well-being, and comfort with our unique Animal Reiki service.

Animal Reiki is a gentle, powerful method that helps animals to release emotional or physical blockages and restore balance. This technique is particularly effective in preparing an animal's body during illness, mitigating stress, and promoting overall well-being.

Integrating Quantum-Touch approach, we channel the life force energy - a universal vibration often referred to as "chi" in Chinese or "prana" in Sanskrit, promoting the natural flow of this vital energy that sustains all life forms.

Our Animal Reiki service:

  • Alleviates anxiety and stress in animals
  • Assists in healing from physical ailments
  • Supports animals during illness, recovery, or following surgery
  • Deepens the bond between you and your pet by describing care and compassion

Moreover, it offers compassionate comfort to ill pets preparing for their passing or 'crossover', providing them with a sense of peace during this transition phase.

Ideal for all pet owners interested in holistic, non-invasive treatments for their animal's physical or emotional challenges. It applies to all animal types, regardless of their size, species, or condition.

*Please note:* This service is *not meant to replace veterinary care or prescribed medication*. Always consult with a professional veterinarian for medical concerns or before starting any new treatments.

Gift your animal companions the loving care they deserve – let them experience the profound healing impact of Animal Reiki.

Session: 30 Minute Healing Session

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