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About Lisa

From 2009 until now I've helped thousands of people and animals on their spiritual  journey to be come happier and healthier.

My work and study in holistic therapy began in 2009 and in 2012 I received my first certification as a Usui Reiki Master. A pivotal shift happened for me when I went through a divorce and lost my job in 2015. Through these circumstances, I had to reach for my own healing and in doing so, I realized my calling as a healer and began as a full-time holistic therapy practitioner. In 2015, I earned my certification as an Akashic Records reader and Healer, and my skills and interests have multiplied ever since. 

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Explore the world of energy healing. These posts provide insights from my own journeys, from connecting with animals to the serenity of sacred places like Holy Hill. Each blog is a window into the transformative power of energy healing.

Video & Podcasts

Come and journey with me through the extraordinary realm of the Akashic Records, mediumship, energy healing, and animal communication. In these interviews, I'll share my personal transformation and how these practices have shaped my life. Gain insights into the work I do and discover how it can benefit you.

Call IT in with Dar

Listen to this awesome interview at “Call IT in with Dar” for these amazing insights into Akashic Records.

Amazing Soul with Angela Zabel

From 2009 until now Lisa helped thousands of people and animals on their spiritual journey to become happier and healthier.