Reiki Healing

Session Pricing: 30 Minute Session

Reiki is a form of energy healing discovered in 1920 by Mikao Usui while living in  Japan. The word Reiki translates to "Universal Life Force Energy" Reiki healing can offer a holistic path to recovery from symptoms like pain, tension, and other physical ailments within the body. Reiki can also diminish the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation therapies, and medications that cause anxiety, nausea and vomiting, skin eruptions, and insomnia.

For those seeking energy healing associated with mental health, Reiki works to quiet the mind and calm negative emotions, reducing anxiety, stress, and depression. Reiki energy healing can balance the body's immune system dissolving energy blockages that release toxins. This can accelerate recovery and healing in both humans and animals. 

How Does Reiki Work?

Reiki works by amplifying the life force energy of living beings. If one's life force energy is low,  there is a higher chance to becoming sick or feeling stressed. If one's life force energy is high, then one is more likely to feel happy and healthy. 

Reiki has been effective and beneficial in helping virtually every known illness and malady while working in conjunction with other medical or therapeutic techniques.

In a session, a client lays fully clothed while the reiki practitioner lightly places or hovers their hands on a series of places on or around the client's body while focusing on the chakras or energy centers. Reiki balances the client on all levels: physical, emotional, and spiritual. The energy works within you to heal you for your highest good.

During a reiki session, I look to internalize and visualize parts of the body that need assistance. I then open and balance the chakras that may be out of balance or closed. From there, I release energy to help you with illness or depression or to bring peace of mind to your correct surroundings. 

Where is Reiki used successfully?

Reiki energy healing can be offered in hospitals, pre, post, and during surgery and can be performed in cancer treatment centers with patients looking for a more holistic approach.

Other places include:

Rehabilitation Centers.


Children's Units like NICU and PICU.

Vet Hospitals.

Before & After Surgery and Labor and delivery.

Assisted Living Centers.

Distanced Reiki Sessions

Because reiki is based on amplifying your unseen life force energy, we can influence that regardless of physical location.

With the help of Reiki symbols, I'm able to channel Reiki across time, space, and distance; to a person, place, or event; in the past, present, or future. I perform a distanced reiki session as if we were together.

As the energy flows, energetic blocks or issues may make themselves known to me. If I do receive such impressions, I do my best to work with that information constructively and give you the tools you need to work beyond our session.

To prepare for a distance reiki session you should find a comfortable, quiet space where you can lay down, and cover yourself with a blanket. Take a few moments to take some deep cleansing breaths and center yourself. Soft lighting, an eye pillow, quiet soothing music, and/or essential oils are great for setting the mood to relax and heal.

Preparing for a Reiki Session

It's good to set an intention for your session to welcome Reiki energy and to be open to healing on all levels. This intention or goal is for something specific. For instance, you may set an intention to heal a particular health issue, or perhaps you're seeking some peace of mind, or you can also always welcome in confidence and joy.

Stay safe and be well!

Session Pricing: 30 Minute Session

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