Akashic Readings

Sessions: 15 Minute Session

The Akashic Records are a database of every word, thought and action your soul has stored in an energetically encoded non-physical plane of existence.

The Akashic Library contain information on every soul or being in the cosmos. The energetic prints that remain from a soul's numerous lifetimes can be traced in the Akashic library; thus, an Akashic records reading brings the past, present and future of the soul in to the for front of your current existence.

What information might I access in an Akashic Records Reading?

Great question!

Often, I see clients and can access information regarding themes like relationships, finances, work and health.

It's up to you to think about what you want to access in an Akashic records reading! Your questions should be specific. Asking yes or no question leaves room for ambiguity and confusion 

Consider this example:

Are you current home or work environments supporting or draining you, if so how come?

What can I expect from an Akashic Records Reading?

Oftentimes at the beginning I will ask if I can share with you some of the images I receive from your guides and loved ones.

From there I will ask what issue lead you to contact me. In this part of the reading, do not hold back. Be specific and sincere with your questions since we are working to uncover your soul level truths and move you towards joy. 

As you talk to me, I'll receive information from your Masters, Teachers, Spirit Guides, and loved ones directly from your Akashic Records. 

If you would like to learn more about your Akashic Records or have an Akashic Records Reading, hit that Contact Me button below to get in touch!

You never know what you might learn on this journey 😊

Sessions: 15 Minute Session

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