Medium Readings

Session Pricing: 15 Minute Session

What is a Mediumship?

Mediumship or psychic mediumship is the ability to communicate with souls that have passed on to the other side. It is one of the highest forms of intuition and operates on the belief that we are all connected to each other and to a higher source.

 Connecting with someone Who has Passed Away

We are all connected, and this connection does not leave when our loved ones transition to their new life after death. In many cases, the connection becomes even stronger.

Spirits love speaking with us and many desire to help us in our lives.

Working with a Medium can give you a chance to communicate with someone who has passed and can provide clarity, healing, and a sense of peace.

Mediumship Readings

During a mediumship reading, I ask your deceased friends or loved ones to step forward. No medium can guarantee a connection with a specific spirit or soul, but I can promise that when I connection with a soul is made during the reading, we can explore the connection and try to communicate clearly. It is common for souls to communicate using visual images, smells, words, and symbols. When these messages come though, I, the psychic medium, and you, the connection to the particular soul, work together to decipher the meaning.

Everyone’s personality is different, which reflects how a soul chooses to communicate their messages. You may receive an assurance of their

well-being, an overall sense of peace, playfulness, perspective, or additional information that may not have been inquired about.

Preparing for a Mediumship Reading

To prepare for a mediumship reading, you should come to the reading with an open heart and mind. It is important to feel comfortable and relaxed since you are the conduit of the soul's connection. During a reading, since you are the connection that makes it possible for me to speak with your loved ones.

It is possible to bring prepared questions and to take notes during the reading!

Please do not let detailed notetaking distract you from your time and connection with your loved ones.

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I look forward to connecting you to the other side!

Session Pricing: 15 Minute Session

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