Akashic Records: Online Class


Ever wondered about the cosmic archive that holds the entire history of every being in creation, past, present, and future? Explore the Akashic Records, a celestial database carefully managed by the mystical Lords of the Records. Acting as "active librarians," these celestial beings consistently update the records, reflecting the profound impact of our choices and actions.

What You'll Learn:

Accessing the Records: Master the Pathway Prayer Process to unlock the Akashic Records for yourself and others.

Intuition Connection: Cultivate a personal relationship between your intuition and the profound wisdom within the Akashic Records.

Skills and Confidence: Develop the skills and confidence necessary to navigate and work within the records effectively.

Personal and Collective Benefits: Explore how working with the records not only enhances your life but also positively influences those around you.

Self-Discovery: Peel back the layers of your being as you delve into the mysteries of the Akashic Records.

Community Connection: Engage with a supportive community for monthly Akashic Records Reading exchanges.


Class Essentials:

Duration: 7 hours

Preparation: Read "How to Access the Akashic Records: Accessing the Archive of the Soul and its Journey" by Linda Howe.

Sobriety Requirement: Avoid alcohol or recreational drugs 24 hours before the class.

Materials: Bring a notebook, and pen, and stay hydrated with plenty of drinking water.

As a bonus, participants receive a complimentary hour-long reading each month after the class.

Are you ready to unveil the enchanting depths of your spiritual story? Trust your intuition, open your heart, and let the universal energies guide you on this extraordinary path of self-discovery and healing.


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