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I Helped a Mouse, and a Mouse Helped Me

I Helped a Mouse, and a Mouse Helped Me

Animal communication is a gift I have developed and shared for the last six years. It's a rewarding practice, and I pride myself on helping humans and their furry or not-so-furry friends reach cooperative and healthy relationships.

This year felt like a curveball, and I realized the double-edged sword that comes with being an animal communicator. Recently my neighbor cut down a section of the forest on their land. The clearing was made so that a pole barn could be built. These events led to the inevitable eviction of mice from their homes and they decided their new home would be my home!

My new residents didn't exactly move in with paperwork and references. I realized my visitors were around when my cat began to catch them in my office. After tangoing with my cat, six little mice were found, and none were left alive. When I saw their little bodies, I felt terrible and blamed-myself. I built my home to be a safe space for all living creatures, yet here I was, trying to fight against nature. Those lost lives stayed with me, and then a few weeks later, I had a doctor's appointment. My day was usual, nothing out of the ordinary, until I left the doctor's office and began walking to my car. I thought I saw something move and began to look closer. It was a little brown and white mouse. It came towards me from the passenger side of my car. I began working with it to understand why it had come to me. It was dazed and communicated that it needed help. At first, I felt a mixture of shock and disorientation. I'm not usually confronted with emergency requests, so I felt I didn't know how to help this little creature.

In an instant, I ask it to move away from my car so that it didn't get injured with I drove away. In the same instance, the little brown and white mouse ran under my car, determined to get my attention, and receive the help it requested.

I Helped a Mouse, and a Mouse Helped MeI realized then that I wasn't calling the shots. So, I go around the car to the driver's side and tell the little mouse to come out. It agreed, and when it showed itself to me, I told it to climb onto my shoe and that I would take it out of the parking lot to a grassy area where it could travel safely. This little mouse climbed onto my shoe and patiently accepted its free ride to safety. When we both arrived at the grassy area, I told it to climb off my shoe and it did. It thanked me for the help, and before leaving, I performed energy work on it for good measure.

As I was driving away, I realized that the little mouse didn't need me, but I needed it. I felt so awful for the mice that lost their lives in my home, and I needed the chance to help something in order to heal the pain I felt for those six little mice.

As an animal communicator, it's all about the heart-to-heart connection, and I know, in my heart, the little brown mouse was telling me that I may not have been able to help the other six mice, but I was able to help him.
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