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The Akashic Records: Your first Steps

The Akashic Records: Your first Steps

The Akashic Records: Your first Steps
Helen P. Blavatsky was a Russian mystic and author who first introduced the term Akasha to western spiritualists in the 19th century. Akasha originates from the Sanskrit word Ākāśa which means space, atmosphere, or sky. In eastern religions, it is considered one of the five elements of creation. For some, it is regarded as the most important element because it is the fabric of reality, and from this element, all other elements are created.

Before Blavatsky, the Akashic Records were discussed in Exodus, a book from the Christian Bible. Exodus talks about a book called The Book of Life, where a record of every human life is kept. This description does not stray far from the one given to the Akashic Records. The Records are considered to be a database of every word, thought, and action every soul has stored in an energetically encoded non-physical plane of existence. The energetic prints that remain from a soul’s numerous lifetimes can be traced in the Akashic Records.

If you’ve ever heard of the Records, you can probably thank Edward Cayce. Cayce was a psychic medium that popularized the Akashic Records with his research and exploration of the records. According to Cayce, the Akashic Records influence humanity, regardless of whether we recognize it or not.

What to Know Before You Jump into the Abyss
Consider the 21st century and the invisible web of interconnected experiences humans have created with the internet. Now consider the Akashic Records as an invisible web of interconnected experiences from which souls receive information and energy. This information and energy span all of time and space. It’s the iCloud of the soul or the soul-storage that humans, entities, and other living beings have used since the beginning of consciousness.
It’s amazing to consider the knowledge we can gather with a few quick clicks on a computer. Learning to navigate machines and integrate them into our daily lives happened over time. What if you gave yourself the same time to learn how to navigate your soul and all that it has stored in the Akashic database?
A quick scan of an internet search will show that the Akashic Records are available to everyone. This knowledge is not reserved for the top one percent to gatekeep, so the next big question is how does one learn to access the Akashic Records?
There are several books and resources that can be utilized for a beginner who is ready to access their Akashic Records. It is also a great idea to consider learning from an experienced practitioner. Akashic Record practitioners can be readers or teachers, or both!
Receiving a reading from a certified Akashic Records reader or learning from a teacher are valuable resources if you struggle with limiting beliefs or are overly critical of your own experiences. Teachers and readers can help validate and guide your experiences so that you don’t dismiss something important.
Akashic Records teachers can bring structure and helpful resources to your learning process, and you can lean on years of experience. These practitioners likely have experienced the same problems with limiting beliefs and self-criticisms. The difference is they have overcome them and can help you overcome the obstacles between yourself and your Akashic Records.

Methods to Access Your Akashic Records
Accessing the Akashic Records is not a one size fits all. Several methods achieve the same end goal, but the two most common methods are prayer and meditation.
The Pathway Prayer is a popular method that originated from Linda Howe, a world-renowned author, and expert in using the Akashic Records. Many Akashic Records practitioners, teachers, and guides have used this prayer to help others access their records. The Pathway Prayer is based on vibrational frequencies that create specific sounds to help people relax and unlock the soul’s akashic records. Many practitioners today use Linda Howe’s Pathway Prayer Process, including myself.
Most methods will involve prayer or meditation to allow the person to reach a higher state of consciousness. Achieving this higher frequency state is one of the first steps to accessing the soul’s Akashic Records.
Similar to a search engine, it’s a good idea to know what you’re searching for before you begin pressing buttons. Even if you don’t know much about the answers you seek, you can narrow down your search to themes like relationships, careers, family, and other categories that might encompass your life at any given time. It’s important to be specific if you do know what you’re inquiring about.

The Akashic Records Experience
Many people imagine the Akashic Records to be similar to a library with bookshelves and librarian guides. Perhaps you imagine a Dewy decimal system that guides you through those human themes of relationships, romance, family, religion, tragedies, and so much more.
I won’t say that it isn’t this experience, but I can say that it is unlikely you’ll have this conscious experience when you first open your Akashic Records. Some experience examples that can better calibrate your expectations may be more subtle. This person described it as their body being anchored to the ground while the crown of their head opened.
How you receive messages will depend on many factors unique to yourself. Some people see images, others hear information, some feel with their intuition, and many have a combination of these experiences.

In Conclusion
The Akashic Records have been a part of eastern religions for centuries. It was also discussed in the book of Exodus, called The Book of Life. In the 19th century, the word Akasha was popularized and gave us the term we now use for the experiences associated with recording a soul’s journey and the stored information of all life from the beginning until the end.

The Records are closely compared to the internet and invisible web that we know today. It carries information to us and from us, affecting us and our physical reality. Accessing the Akashic Records to help during our time on Earth is available for everyone, and you may benefit from working with a practitioner that has experience to help you overcome any limiting beliefs or doubts you might face.

All experiences are unique, but the common denominator for everyone who experienced help from their Akashic Records and guides is that it is a worthy endeavor that changes one’s life for the better.
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